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I am happy to answer any questions to create your one of a kind personalized keepsake.
Julie Giles

Labrador, Canada

Keepsake Bears and Pillows

Custom bears made from a loved one's clothing or other treasured item. A great way to hold onto someone who has passed away, or A keepsake using treasured clothes or blankets from baby, child, special occasion, etc .


I can make them with almost any item of clothing. A few ideas are: dress shirts, tshirts, PJs, dresses, Uniform (school, work, childhood group, etc), Scrubs, jackets, baby clothes, receiving blankets, dresses, wedding dress. Or any item of clothing or material that has special meaning for you. I can use multiple different items, or just one. 

Add a personal touch with name, dates or a special saying.
Photos can be added to any item. 


Please NO clothing with any spandex or stretchy-polyester,

and NO pet clothing or blankets.
PLEASE, please wash all clothing. Permanent stains are ok, but if you send clothing covered in food, dirt or other unknown substances I will NOT  use them and will send back at your own expense.


Check out my Gallery and Pricing Page

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